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charter fisherman's Association

It is our mission to ensure American public access to fishing, to engage and represent
the Charter for Hire industry, and to ensure long-term sustainability of our fisheries.

About Us

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Existing management has repeatedly failed to keep our nations fishing resources in a healthy and therefore accessible status.

The roots of the Charter Fisherman’s Association were established when a group of like-minded fishermen, business owners and associates, over time, developed proactive and cutting-edge ideas to address the dire need for a more effective fishery management system for our nations fisheries.

Several of these same charter for-hire fishermen have now decided their time to establish a formal and unique non-profit entity to advocate these new ideas.

  Ideas & Solutions       

Working in the fishery management process is time and resource intensive, and the CFA’s board and leadership have agreed to share the financial burden and work load through the CFA.

The Charter Fisherman's Association will give charter for-hire fishermen, business owners and fishery-related associates a unified voice focused on the health and well being of the charter for-hire industry and the communities, families and employees that rely on it.

Now is the time for a proactive management based solutions that work within the framework of the Magnuson Stevens Fisheries Conservation Act.


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