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West Florida Fleet meeting with LEO

15 Jan 2021 2:10 PM | Gary Jarvis

January 13th, 2021 – 6:30pm

Meeting with Special guests from law enforcement to discuss illegal charter issue rampant along our west coast


Manny Antonaras – Special agent in charge, south east division -727-824-5344 –

Matt Walia – Compliance liaison officer – 727-824-5334 –

Joe Scarpa – Supervisory enforcement officer -  cell 727-743-2326 –

REPORTING – hotline is BEST – (800)853-1964

                If happening now, they will call back

                If happened in past or online tip they often will not follow up, but you can request call back

                Most is covert operations for following up

                Very little overt action and patrols due to 12 officers covering from NC to Texas including Caribbean


Captain Scott Pearce – Statewide investigations & marine law – cell 850-528-4546

Major Roger Young – Regional Commander – cell 813-376-6418 –

Captain Bill Holcomb – cell 813-244-5161 -

FROM MAJOR ROGER YOUNG: Please feel free to have anyone call either myself or Captain Holcomb then we will direct them to right person for their area or get them the cell phone numbers for the Lieutenants and or Officers.  They work shift work so we try not give their numbers out in mass but put mine and the Captains numbers out there and we will connect them.  Also, our dispatch center is 24-7 and can put anyone in direct contact with any officer or Lieutenant that is on duty 813-558-5050 or 888-404-3922. 

Lt George Wells (captain of the gulf sentry) –

Lt Mike Bibeau (who talked about recent capture of illegal charter)

Lt Matt Dallarosa –

REPORTING – hotline is best, but can also follow up online & call local officer contact

                888-404-3932 hit number 7 – if actively happening this is best option this will contact dispatch

                Online reporting portal ->

                If happened in the past or online tip the online portal is great option

                FWC also recommended following up with local contact if you have one (we will get local’s info for everyone)

                Finally, when you report to FWC you can request call back they will enjoy following up, they want to!

                DON’T USE ASKFWC.COM WEBSITE!!!

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