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CFA large boat or Marina plan

24 Sep 2020 5:29 PM | Gary Jarvis

           CFA Large Fleet and Marina

                   Hurricane Plan

Our management pays extra close attention to any possible tropical conditions anywhere in the region. Our team watches all storms closely to inform our clients, staff, crew and captains as soon as possible. Advanced communication to guests is important. Utilize auto generated system emails, texts and social media.

If a possible threat develops, when we are five days out storm watch begins with tropical update schedule which is 8am, 11am, 8pm and 11pm EST. Must start our storm meetings by having daily meetings with updates to follow at each tropical update time. Daily meeting to discuss route of the storm, intensity, affects it will have on our area, and clearly define each of our duties preparing and supplies needed.

1.    Fueling underground tanks.

2.    checking hurricane doors, and shutters. Make sure inventory is correct and fasteners are on hand

3.    Getting hurricane lines out of storage and sizing up.

4.    Preparing hurricane anchors with ground tackle and pull from storage.

5.    Checking for new hurricane holes for big boats to hide.

6.    Take photos and videos of area and put is safe place. 

7.    Assess current assets and ensure all are properly categorized

8.    Ensure inventory on rental equipment and retail is up to date with insurance company

9.    Secure all locations with vital inventory


Three days out under a tropical storm / hurricane watch start active storm preparations

1.    Cancel all Charters

2.    Fuel all boats to the top and fill all the tanks with fresh water.

3.    Fully load boats with ice so ice machine will make new fresh ice and we have ice stored.

4.    Load the boats with all equipment lose on the docks, make sure fishing tackle is up to par levels.

5.    Start moving smaller boats to predetermined and identified storm refuges and tied in a manner to allow the boats to move up and down with the tide and moored to take excessive wind.

6.    Load the larger party boats with all the perishables foods from all galley storage.

7.    Add hurricane lines to boats dock lines and put hurricane anchors on board.

8.    Fill company vehicles with gas, extra diesel tanks filled too.

9.    Start moving all equipment, computers, and stock up off of floors in marina store and storage area in parking garage. If a high storm surge is expected move equipment to necessary location to avoid damage.

10. Confirm VHF communication equipment, prepare sat phones for each boat and mangers.

11. Pass list of emergency phone numbers around with who they are and how they can help.


    Two days out and our area under tropical storm / Hurricane warnings.

1.     All boats should be moved and secured on storm anchorage

         2.   Remove all free-standing signage, fish mounts, and decorations.

         3.   Lash down or remove bait tanks from dock and store in parking garage.

         4.   Start putting storm shutters up securing windows and doors in the marina    

         5.   Shore up and add water breaks, sandbags, and walls to break waves.

    6.   Shut off fuel system, shut power off, and secure all openings of marina fuel  


    7.   Confirm crews for boats if we need to take boats off the dock.

 Check VHF communications equipment between boats and base station &    satellite phones

    8.  Bring down computer servers and unplug all and secure in safe place.

Secure all inventory locations with ‘hurricane locks’ to prevent theft during or post storm with keys only to those on site for storm & management.

  • 9.    Lock down main office


Day of storm:

1.    Get everyone set where they are riding the storm out, including crews for boats.

2.    Move vehicles up to high ground.

3.    Turn power off to the docks & offices


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