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Hurricane Preparation in water plan

24 Sep 2020 11:06 AM | Gary Jarvis

CFA Basic Hurricane Preparation Plan

                                         In water plan

Hurricane / Tropical Storm Plan for F/V   __________________ 

First response to any government evacuation order or hurricane / tropical storm warning / watch is vessel is moved from marina and relocated in a safe Harbor  either in the intercostal water way or bayou / river inland of the Gulf of Mexico out of harm's way. Vessel is moored with 3 or 4 oversize anchors ____ # anchors with ____ ft of chain and ___ inch nylon rope to insure vessel doesnt move or drift into another vessel during /Tropical storm / Hurricane event. Captain (will / will not) stay on vessel during tropical storm or hurricane force winds , but all means available will be implemented to make sure moorings will hold. This plan has been in place since ______

When using this format, we recommend using anchor size much larger than any anchor you use under normal conditions.

For most boats 30 to 50 ft consider a minimum of 65# anchors, 50 ft up to 80 ft we recommend minimum 95# anchors and deploy them with a minimum of a 3 point anchor system or preferably a 4 point.

Anchor rope dia should be a minimum ¾ in for the 65# anchors and 1 in for the 95# anchors. Also anchor rode lengths need to be 7 to 1 or 10 to 1  length of scope to depth of water.

These are just recommendations and a template for you to use when developing a plan for your insurance carrier and to keep your vessel out of harms way. Please use common sense and caution to any plan. It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared and the additional time and cost to do it right will pale in comparisons to the cost and work to repair or refloat your vessel if you don’t.    

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