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Covid -19 damages survey

25 Mar 2020 1:03 PM | Anonymous

The communities along the gulf coast. Part of that work is to try and get some antidotal information from all of you to share with congressional leaders and help formulate our plea for assistance. I know you have seen a same request from NACO and perhaps from your own local fleet organization. I encourage you to respond to all of those requests. All of us are working towards the same goal and CFA plans to work side by side with other local and national organizations so to strengthen our voice. So please to the best of your ability fill out these 9 questions and email us back at All propriety information will be held in confidence and only the compilations of total responses will be made public.

Capt. Gary Jarvis

Executive Director CFA




Home Port


1) Year to date are you up or down in gross income over 2019? 

2) What percentage are you up or down?


3 How are your advance booking compared to this time 2019 and what would say that percentage change is up or down?


4) Have your local municipality made decisions to close tourism off? 


5) How long can you reasonably stay in business due to no travel or local or state stay at home orders? Estimate how many Weeks or Months?


6) What will be your first financial crisis and when will that most likely take place?


7) What would it take for you to remain viable to be in business in 2021 in case this situation lasts for 2 months or more. 


8) If you are Captain but not the owner what are your losses year to date, and do you think your owner will be able to maintain your employment? Hoe long before you need to find another line of work?


9) If you’re a mate or deckhand what is your personal financial outlook in 2020 and how long will you be able to remain in the industry before you have to find another line of work?


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