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charter fisherman's Association


29 Mar 2021 8:12 PM | Gary Jarvis
Captains and owners of professional charter fishing businesses we need you, to help us.... help you.

2021 is off to a good start in the Gulf of Mexico charter fishing industry and with hard work and good weather it has potential to be stellar as folks are more than ready to get out of the house and out on the water. Here at CFA we are asking for your involvement in your future as CFA begins to work towards another history setting attempt to promote sustainable fishing management with sector allocations in our other major reef species. Your membership ( and your $100 ) in CFA not only facilitates our efforts but give us the strength in numbers to ensure success in the political and fishery management process. Our efforts to get AM 40 signed into Law in 2014 created a value in your business that has translated into hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pockets with the 2 months red snapper seasons and increase in value of your permits and businesses. Our next efforts will only increase this and ensure the generational continuance of our industry for decades to come. I ask each of you to invest at least $100 for a one year professional crew membership and for those who can or understand the value CFA has brought to you , your business and family to sign up as a $500 CFA Patron membership.

Captain Gary Jarvis Executive Director CFA

PS At the top of the CFA FB page is a join now button, hit it and use your CCC to sign up now 

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