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charter fisherman's Association

We need you !

29 Mar 2021 6:44 PM | Gary Jarvis

So I am sending this out to remind every federal permit holder in the Gulf that we need your support as we go into the spring management cycle with a big list of things CFA is going to do to improve your profits, access to our important fisheries and value to your business. A annual professional CFA membership is $100 for the next 12 month. The actions of our organization in the PAST AND IN THE FUTURE WILL BRING YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS each year as we forge on to improve our industry. To be effective and provide needed expenditures to manage our organization we need your membership , voice and financial support...please join today at FYI  we have a new payment system that's easy to use and will take most major credit cards.  Also a reminder your membership is tax deductible as a business expense because CFA is a 501-6C non for profit organization.  

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