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Hurricane Haul Out Plan

24 Sep 2020 11:08 AM | Gary Jarvis

CFA Basic Hurricane Plan #2

                         Haul out of water plan

To whom it may concern

The vessel  ________________ belonging to  _____________ will be removed from the water during a named storm and placed in position at _________ Marine facility. The vessel's hailing port is ______________ The vessel must be brought to _________ Marine facility by the owner or captain within the pre designated time determined by our facility for it to be hauled out. The vessel _____________ will be hauled out of the water then resting on wooden timbers at the keel and supported by marine jack stands. Additional jack stands will be utilized for wind protection during a tropical storm or hurricane wind event. ______ Marine facility is located ____ miles from Gulf of Mexico access and has rarely been affected by storm surge. Personnel will be monitoring the weather conditions to ensure every precaution is taken in protecting the vessel during the inclement weather.

Manager/representation of ______marine facility

Signed _____________________________

* This is template you can show you marine facility provider as a example of what type of letter you need for your agent/underwriter.

* As much detail that they can provide for them needs to be encouraged and a copy of the contract you sign with the marine facility should also be included to your agent

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